Carmel’s 17 mile Drive in Pebble Beach

Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree – Carmel, CA

Since it’s beginning in 1881, driving through “The 17 Mile Drive ” in the early morning hours,  has been a dynamic road trip and a “must see.” As you enter this drive there are special mansions that have graced this ocean seascape for years which I never tire of seeing. They are a familiar part of this coastline, blending thoughtful architecture which coexists in perfect alignment with this splendid natural world. Unfortunately, these days it seems the care to protect this quality beauty is not as it should be. No matter, these old graceful homes will bring a sigh of amazement.

Carmel Home on the 17 Mile Drive

Carmel Home on the 17 Mile Drive

Carmel, CA

Carmel, CA

You can spend a whole day trip driving through some of the most delicate and yet rugged of landscapes and then stop to picnic, enjoy the wildlife or dine at the finest Pebble Beach restaurant at the most prestigious golf course in the world and enjoy a million dollar view.The most  beloved “Monterey Cypress” dot the seaside along the Monterey and Carmel coast.

The famous and most photographed cypress of all is “The Lone Cypress”  which stands on Cypress Point in Pebble Beach.  These days it is quite difficult to photograph unless you are guaranteed personal access. It is heavily guarded by fence and board, all built to save what is left of this famous Cypress. No matter, people photograph it endlessly. It has been growing out of the rock it stands on for more than 200 years.  Bolstered up these days with wires to help its fight against wind and storm and cared for with the help of many ecologists who watch over it  and assist in its efforts to survive.  The best photos of it were in the 50’s when it stood full and youthful. However,  time and the elements have worn it down and have taken it’s toll. Despite all, this famous landmark remains a symbol of strength, stability, and perseverance we never tire looking at.

Here is a morning sunrise photo of the tree in the fall light and another in the morning sunrise . A cypress sunrise.

The Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress

In the mist of all this marine wildlife, families of seal lions sprawl together sleeping along the rocks at different places along the drive. When they are breeding, the coast is protected and the pups breed for another season. Here are some lazy critters lining the shore.Seal Rock  is the home of hundreds of seals, and a noisy crew they are. You can watch them through big binoculars they have set up. At sunset I took this photo of the rock and seals.  A favorite photo op which explodes with color at sunset.

Seal Rock, Carmel 17 Mile Drive

Seal Rock, Carmel 17 Mile Drive

In the spring colors of red, purple or brilliant pink ice plants roll along the coast like an exquisite bouquet of flowers. Fall turns to red and the tide pools are alive with marine life. I go back, and back again,  to find what new creatures are growing on the rocks. It is the outdoors in splendor and real living habitat children should experience. Running free along the shore experiencing life at it’s best, nature and marine life.


The “Ghost Tree” nearby adds a strange flair to the otherwise beautiful scene of deep blue ocean that meets deep blue sky. It is an unusual sight in the midst of all this beauty and seems to make a statement that all cannot be of such beauty. It adds character and interest.

The Ghost Tree, Carmel

The Ghost Tree, Carmel

The Pebble Beach Golf Course, is one of many courses, but  one that to me is jaw dropping as you get a closer look. Once there,  it is has the beauty and elegance that is very rare.  This is where golfs biggest legends have played and the most prestigious tournaments have taken place. This photo is a view of the 6th hole with a grand ocean view.

The 6th hole at Pebble Beach

Since 1919 this golf course has operated along side the beautiful Lodge at Pebble Beach which has spent years serving a discerning clientele. It is classy to say the least and lunch here in this location comes with a million dollar view.

Sunset on the 17mile drive can be a serene soul searching experience. When the sun sinks low in the sky and down behind what seems  the ocean depths, the sky lights up on fire as it changes from yellow to bright crimson.These photos below show the changing colors from a bright yellow sendoff  to a fiery end.

The sunset started off as a yellow sun streaming in a bright gold color. It soon changed to crimson and everything was pink. Here is a shot of the yellow sunset as it started to glow slowly setting further as the pink sky blazes away the remains of a yellowing sky. What a peaceful sight.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to write me or comment. I hope you enjoyed.

Christine Murphy

Sunset on the 17 Mile drive

Sunset on the 17 Mile drive


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  1. Stunning! Any one of these should be in a gallery, or on a professionally printed calendar, or on a book cover, or…. You really have a pro’s eye and touch, Christine!

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