Eastern Sierra Wandering – The Golden Hills

Convict Lake-LifeForcePhotos.com-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Convict Lake

California Fall colors burst out in a panoply of yellows, green and reds in and about the northern part of the state in September and October.  Since my last Fall shoot in the Bishop area, I got this nagging feeling that I was missing something too beautiful to pass up. Yellow glowing  Aspen in the mountains can feel mesmerizing. Spinning leaves glisten in the sun like a sparking crystal when light dances across it to personify the end of summer and the coming of Fall. The Aspen trees have such an  aesthetic feel with brilliant colors that it attract swarms of campers, photographers and fishermen who flock to  see the spectacle each year. 

Aspen Forest-LifeForcePhotos.com-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Aspen Forest

Charlie Shooting-LifeForcePhotos.com

Charlie Shooting

Unfortunately, life situations kept cropping up that prevented my Bishop road trip. But I decided that I was going to hit the Aspen groves even though I knew the leaves had possibly passed their prime.  I  know that I can always find an opportunity of some kind for Mother Earth is always busy creating amazing nature designs no matter what time of year. We got a late start and the clouds seemed to signal rain, but no worries, this is an adventure…a wandering.  And that’s my thing! This time I went with a friend. We arrived  to a wet and cold 57-degree campground. We had a pleasant chat while picnicking under the stars and drinking hot chocolate to warm out innards. We pitched a fast tent and then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, we were up again — at 5 a.m. while it was still dark and cold. 🙂

For the first time ever I was shooting with another photographer — my friend, Charlie. Since my custom is solo wandering, this was a different and quite enjoyable experience for me. It’s so nice to have great company to bounce ideas off of and tromp with around the hills.

Pond below Lower Lake-LifeForcePhotos.com-Christine Murphy

Hiking along we found a bridge leading over a small stream. Looking down I was attracted to the interesting designs and textures in the wood.

Bridge by LifeForcePhotos.com-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Hiking the trail that circles around and behind Convict Lake, I found this path. The trees posed for us in delicate form and in serene fashion.

Aspen Path-LifeForcePhotos.com-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Aspen Path

Driving up to lake with an industrial name, “Intake 2 Lake”, I witnessed something that was the exact opposite of industrial. I looked up to the majestic peaks with Aspen below. The Aspen climb the mountain peaks circling around, up and down — weaving their way through the mountains and hugging the hills.  They look like colored grasses from a distance until I hiked a while  and landed in the midst of forest thickets looming tall above us long and sleak.

Aspen mountain-LifeForcePhotos.com-lA Photographer Christine Murphy

Aspen mountain

Finding bare groves of trees and glowing ones too, a few hours later, Charlie has a great idea!  “Let’s have breakfast at Parchers Resort!” He was referring to a 19-cabin resort with for hiking, fishing and photography with a restaurant and a great tackle and bait store.  But…it’s still morning with more photos to be taken. We try to get there quickly. But, with such beauty everywhere, it was hard to move beyond the next breathtaking vista.

Aspen Grove-LifeForcePhotography-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Aspen Grove

One and a half hours later….we finally made our way to breakfast at The South Fork Restaurant.  It was a fine country breakfast, I must admit. Good food and a fishing store any fishing fool would be proud of! This is the place to find nearly every type of fishing equipment you can imagine, a sink for cleaning the fish you catch, flies, bait and much more. A real fishing paradise!

Aspen Forest-LifeForcePhotos.com-Christine Murphy

Aspen Forest

As we drove on we found some kids fishing. Fishermen of all ages are everywhere in this country.

Boys fishing

Boys fishing

We head north for more photos — so stay tuned for more Eastern Sierra adventures and the beautiful spots that I have uncovered in my wanderings as I explore more about California and the beauty it holds. I hope you will join me.

Barely There-LifeForcePhotos.com-LA Photographer Christine Murphy

Barely There

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