While Wandering

A Delicate Composition

Always present in nature’s form and function

is the essence of art, whether resolute or frolicsome.

Tell me, how else could it not be so?

In grand style, high heart, in prismatic hues and tones.

How perfectly the snow lies on woven limb

of branches freshly painted by Mother’s whim.

The blue sky peeks behind the snow covered scene,

to view the opalescent portrait of a world supreme.

Paintbrush poised for a radiant spectrum

in pigments tinted by wind or midday sun,

or, framed in sparkling darkness and gilded moonlight,

A silent witness to the mystery of the night.

An abstract Masterwork, canvas so superb a design

by one who reads the earth as effortlessly sublime.

Whiffle birds, and mythical monsters sing and pose.

Hear the song of the robin and the joyful cadence in that breast of rose.

Earth’s wonders are free to those who relish life’s melody,

composed and celebrated by a Maestro weaving a delicate tapestry.

Viola Geary Odell


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