Mosaic Aspen on Convict Lake

“…WHILE WANDERING – A Photo-Poetic Journey
 Through California Landscapes”
Sunday, November 6th at 3pm
Poetry by Viola Geary Odell
Photographs by Christine Murphy

 Reading From the Book Followed by a Book Signing
by Friends and Family

Presented by
Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse
1010 Foothill Boulevard
La Canada, CA 91011

Gallery Showing Of Photographs
by Christine Murphy
by Granddaughter/Daughter, Carmel Helene

While wandering the countryside of Bishop, California, I took the above photo at Convict Lake, an Aspen paradise. Convict Lake has a trail that wraps around the lake and the above mosaic of leaves against the lake backdrop creates a scene much like that of a real-life canvas.  I then traveled the June Lake Loop to find the below picture of the Aspen trees in full autumn beauty. I hope you enjoy them!  Look forward to seeing you at the book signing event!      -Christine Murphy, Photographer

One thought on “Mosaic Aspen on Convict Lake

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