A Visit With The Poet

Sharing a poem from page 38 of the book, While Wandering: A Photo-Poetic Journey Through California Landscapes:

Tranquil Skies and Churning Seas

Your life, presented in color, robust, terrifyingly alive,

a scene of grandeur, danger and temptation, desperate to survive.

Wary travelers tiptoe past the rocks to avoid the dashing shoals.

Crashing surf and blustery winds sing the siren’s song of wayward souls.

High cliffs and sandy beaches, icy water and scorching sun,

adventure awaits an ardent, innocent, unwary one.

There is power before you, revealed in fearsome waves and subtle undertow

shipwrecked sailors struggle to reach the shore — faded away eons ago.

How intense the sea and sky

croons and murmurs beckon in a harsh and solemn lullaby

to reach that distant sandy beach, beyond the jagged bluff

at last to recover and to rest

triumphant, done, you have won your fearsome, briny test.

Prepare yourself well for the rhythmic tide

of surge and swell, deluge of storms, misguided,

while Poseidon, King of the Sea, races the wave

and his son, Triton, dances, blares his trumpet and misbehaves.

By Viola Geary Odell


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